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Upcoming events:

3 Evening workshops in October/November

Royal Hotel, Bray, Tuesdays 7pm - 9.30pm

23rd October 2018: Kick-start Healthy Eating habits!

You will learn basic tips to kick-start healthy eating habits. If you have been saying for a long time, I need to do something, but don't know where to start. 

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30th October 2018: Why do we choose unhealthy foods when going out or shopping? (This event is limited to 10people)

This is going to be a very practical workshop where we will go over a typical bar and restaurant menu and where we will visit a local supermarket to have a look at the typical products you are buying, food labelling, how we are influenced in our choice in the supermarket, who foods are marketed as healthy but are not.

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6th November 2018: "LIFE Begins at 50"

You've reared your kids, you've worked hard for your carreer, and now should be the time to take care of yourself. But you find you're exhausted, moody, gaining weight and just haven't got the energy to do all the things you'd love to do?

This workshop and talk will show you how you can get your energy back, lose weight and feel amazing!

You will learn what's going on in your body and what to do to support it. You'll get practical cooking tips, relaxation and gentle exercises to build strenght, and tips for better sleep. Read more about it here

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Each evening will cost €25 per person, if you book 2 evenings €45, and 3 evenings €60. 

Your personal trainer for eating - YOUR healthy way!


Have you ever wondered why some diets work so well for others and not for you?

Have you ever felt miserable about yourself because you didn't manage to stick to a diet?

Do you sometimes feel sick after eating something that is supposed to be "healthy"?

Do you think all diets are just boring and not for you?

Would you like to find out what you can eat that is healthy, nutritious and satisfying without sacrificing your whole life?


- does not mean low-fat, boring diets                                                                                          

- does not mean calorie restricted diets that are hard to maintain

- does not mean adiet high in carbohydrates as the food pyramid suggests  

- does not mean a diet high in sugar for energy when you are exercising as the sports drinks and supplement industry suggest

- does not mean expensive supplements and super-foods


Where is the different to other programs?

There are certain "rules" that apply to everyone when it comes to healthy eating.

But we are all individuals - we have different food preferences, our bodies work differently, we have different health issues, we do different types of exercise, we all lead different lives and our lives have different demands on us, therefore there is not one diet that suits everybody. Just as our genetics may determine which diseases or talents we inherit, so too are they responsible for how well we metabolise certain foods.

You can regard me as your Personal Trainers for Eating Healthily. Much as a personal trainer in a gym designs a program based on your current fitness levels, your goals and your lifestyle and is there for you to motivate you along the way, I do the same when it comes to eating. I assess where you are, where you want to be (weight loss, health issues, increase fitness performance etc), and design eating plans and motivate you along the way.

Together, we find the Right Foods 4U!

But it does not just end there, we will also look at your exercise and stress levels and work out ways of how best incorporate a suitable exercise plan and how to be work on ways of dealing and reducing stress. 



"Ilona is a great listener and her food recommendations have worked perfectly for me" -- Mary K., Wicklow, Ireland

"Ilona is very creative in coming up with suggestions and ideas of how I can overcome my obstacles or rather excuses. They're quite simple and straightforward and make it easy to adopt new healthy eating habits" -- Ailsa P, Ferns, Ireland

"I feel so much better since following Ilona's food plan and can only highly recommenda session with her." -- Sabine B., Pforzheim, Germany